From the first encounter, we are seduced by this man filled with a creative force. Richard Bagur was convinced of having all the qualities an interior designer requires: enthusiasm, an eagerness to create, permanent reassessments, and a deep sensibility are a few of the things that helped him in succeed professionally. Richard Bagur perceives meeting the other through the unconscious a bit like 2 icebergs: “PEOPLE FIRST MEET VIA THE SUBMERGED PARTS”. It is in this way that Richard Bagur defines his perception and understand of the world around him.

“If the sailor doesn’t know from which harbor he has sailed, nor to which harbor he is going, no wind will be favorable to him”. This quote from Seneca, dear to Richard Bagur, gives a good idea of his philosophy. Self-taught and passionate, he quickly learns to master volumes and colors. The first renovations he is entrusted with confirm that interior designing is his calling. In 2001, he is granted recognition by the Conseil Français des Architectes d’Intérieurs under the qualification n° 969. A few months later, Richard Bagur opens his own agency. From then on it has managed to become one of France’ S most creative agencies.

Richard Bagur stands out thanks to a personal approach in which the intellect dictates and justifies the course of a project. To name ideas before drawing even the simplest sketch is the base of this development process. The objective is therefore to see what a client would have done if he were an architect. THE DUO ARCHITECT-CLIENT, enriched by the architect’s talent by the client’s personality, takes on its full justification in the creation of a legitimate, artistic, and functional project, which corresponds exactly to the client’s expectations.

Qualification n°969 by the CFAI

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