We follow a conceptual process where interaction with our client is permanent. From a rough draft to the finished project, we will show you a series of intermediate steps. Our wish is to create a definite and unique identity for each client through space and decoration by combining volumes, materials, and colors.

Our objective is to express your personal desires, guiding you to a more contemporary approach and to a more precise reflection on the fitting.

The agency plays a role in various areas :

  • Creation of marketing concepts: global coherence of all the working parameters composing the site, to establish a general communication.
  • Advice and new organization of the client’s commodity
  • Creation and renovation of top-of-the-range shops
  • Decoration and renovation of hotels and restaurants
  • Compliance of the building laboratories in the catering trade
  • Fitting of offices and administrations
  • Special layout for hospitals

To design an architectural project is to look to the future… And according to Richard Bagur, to imagine the future of interior designing is to accept that “ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN IS ABOUT COMMUNICATION!”. He is convinced that every design detail that surrounds us is an integral part of global communication. Therefore an enterprise needs to include interior design into its marketing strategy. Richard Bagur wishes today to develop a complete offer with a single interlocutor that includes market research, design plans, choice of materials and colors, lighting, etc.

Qualification n°969 by the CFAI

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